Handcrafted with love

The contact of the pencil with the paper, provides a fantastic discovery in every drawing. Each work portrayed, creates a bond of friendship that breaks frontiers, people of whom I have become friends even though I have never seen or conversed. I feel that i have captured the essence of the soul, only in the gaze.


"I admire his work andthe artist he is, who on a simple sheet of paper can express with such talent the most beautiful images."

- apprentice art, Cláudia Ribeiro - Brasília, Distrito Federal - Brazil.
"Es un excelente profecional, un ser de mucha luz con un futuro esepcional por delante. Cada retrato que realiza es realizado desde el corazon y eso creo yo lo lleva a la perfección de la obra. Un ser con una vondad unica y muy buen corazón"

- art buyer, Silva Diaz Maldonado- Uruguay
"I think you have a fantastic variety! You have a brilliant way of capturing the character of each individual."

- gallery manager, Lucy Fiddian Green - Londres.

Nothing's Impossible!

Am not a genius of art, as Picasso, Leodarnado d'Vinte, Vangorver
and among others! But when you have determination, everything's possible.

What i do is to love...



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